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Swimming pool


For fun or to work out, Clave Verde’s pool is 14 metres long and is perfect for training, play and pure relaxation. It is powered by solar panels and is chlorinated naturally from sea salt, thus producing high quality, silky water that is environmentally friendly.

Play areas


There is an enclosed area with ping pong and table football and an open air, grassy space with a volleyball net and room for a kick about.

Spa and fitness services



Our breeze cooled little gym has all you need to stay in shape during your holiday, including a heavy bag.



Treat yourself to a sessión of yoga, reflexology, Tai Chi/Chi Gung or craneal, Thai or relaxation massage.



Take advantage of this vacation to work with our resident expert, with a background in fitness and martial arts, on how to stay in good and useful shape with limited available time and despite the advance of the fleeting years.

Parking and Internet

  • Secure, off road parking is available.
  • WIFI 24/7.

Parties and Celebrations

Day pass 1

We can be the hosts for that special celebration, your wedding for example. We have capacity for 40 diners seated, a full bar, live or recorded music for dancing if desired. We will choose the food, music, style according to your taste and we can reserve rooms in other hotels nearby if your group is too large for us to accommodate in our rooms.

Retreats for health, wellbeing, spiritual and institutional development


Clave Verde lives a holistic philosophy. We believe that wellbeing comes from the body and the soul, includes pleasure and responsibility. It is about being and behaving. With this in mind, we welcome workshops in Yoga, Tai Ci and Chi Gung, meditation, fitness, dance, health and retreats for team building. We support growth and human development in their multiple facets.



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