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Clave Verde is a boutique eco-lodge for those who enjoy nature and the luxury of the simple and who will be enchanted by its wonderful views of the sea and the hills. It is 3.5 acre complex with a pool, gym, play areas and a bar and restaurant. It is the ideal place for those seeking a respite from the intense activity of the nearby tourist resort, but who wish to enjoy everything the coast has to offer.

Our respect for the natural and social environment speaks of our commitment and explains the Dominican Treasures’ certification in sustainable tourism that we are proud to have earned. Our restaurant-bar, Yerba Buena, offers fine food from its green embrace (verde) and a taste for music that swings (clave). It’s the perfect setting for quality time with family, friends or as a couple.

Our commitment to the environment

We offer a beautiful space surrounded by nature, one that we wish to preserve and use to inspire others. We act so as to make our operation sustainable. We pay fair salaries, produce solar energy, classify and compost waste, our pool is naturally chlorinated from salt, we collect rain water, use local products and clean with environmentally friendly products…we have not cut down a single tree in building Clave Verde.

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Solar Energy

We produce about 70% of the energy we consume from solar panels. Our aim is 100%. We use leds and low consumption bulbs almost exclusively and we ask our guests to turn things off when they are not needed. Helping us to reduce our foot print!

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Salt Chlorinated pool

Our pool works with a system of chlorination based on sea salt. The chloride is extracted from the salt, generating a natural, agreeable chlorinated water that is completely safe. It is much less aggressive towards humans and the natural environment than industrial chlorine. The pump is driven by solar panels that are exclusively for the pool.

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We make Compost

We classify waste and invite our guests to do the same by separating waste into specific containers in the property. We produce two types of compost, one derived from human consumption, vegetables, fruit, food (not meat) and the other from the dead leaves and branches from our 11,000 square metres of terrain that is Clave Verde.

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Contributing to the local economy

We use local materials and workers in our construction and maintenance whenever possible. We buy most of our produce locally to stimulate the local economy and for ecological reasons. We are committed to the social and economic development of our community



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