5 Tourist Attractions of Samaná. The 5th will surprise you!

Samaná is a province of the Dominican Republic that is full of things to offer, from a culture rich in all senses of expression to places that lend themselves to any kind of personality so, whether you are an adventurer or a person who prefers to read and rest in a seat, Samaná is the destination for you. Among the things you can do in the Caribbean, the province is these 5 attractions. Get ready for the fifth!

1. Its Beaches

The beaches of Samaná are famous worldwide as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, and it is not for less since the waters are crystal clear as a diamond and the sand varies depending on the beach, some even with majestic pink sand that will leave you amazed, within the most striking of the beaches are:

  • Playa Rincón.
  • Playa Bonita.
  • Las Galeras.
  • Las Terrenas. Be sure to visit at least two of these and let the waves wash away your worries.

2. Los Haitises National Park

It was declared a national park in the Dominican Republic by Law 409 of June 3, 1976, although in 1968 Law 244 had already created a forest reserve called Zona Vedada de Los Haitises.

3. Salto El Limon

A natural work of art! With a green tone so intense that it surprises even the most knowledgeable of the flora, with two humid forests that offer clean oxygen that fills the lungs with life while the fauna amazes you with several birds that are mostly endemic. Take out your camera!

One of the natural beauties of Samana in the northeast of the Dominican Republic is the Salto del Limon, a spectacular 55-meter high waterfall located in the community of Limon. The water is so crystal clear that you will be able to see your feet submerged in the water without any complications other than opening your eyes.

Tourists have the option of reaching the Salto del Limon on foot or horseback. The hike through tropical forest is pleasant for those in good physical condition but can be difficult for those suffering from health problems, as the route includes a steep section that descends to the waterfall. Get your swimsuit ready!

4. Cayo Levantado

It is one of the most iconic points of Samaná, this is large because it is a location that allows different recreational activities for both young and old.

Cayo Levantado in Samaná is the ideal place for those who are looking for a place to escape from the city, breathe fresh air and enjoy beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and delicate white sand. Located in the Bay of Samaná, this small island has the vegetation of the humid forest, paradisiacal beaches, white sand, and crystal clear waters, located in a beautiful landscape.

5. Humpback Whale Sanctuary

The humpback whales are one of the marine animals, I say marine, are one of the animals in general, more monumental I have intimidated that exist, and very few people have access to see them, that is why this particular Samaná is so incredible, thousands are those who meet annually to contemplate the majesty of these species.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to watch humpback whales in their natural environment of mating and reproduction, in the Samaná Bay. Listen to the lonely song of the male and witness the incredible displays of the most active whale species in the Atlantic.

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