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We call the style of our accommodations “Campesino chic” (elegant, rustic), i.e. simple, comfortable and tasteful. The villas and rooms have hot water, wifi, terraces, hammocks, rocking chairs…

Due to its altitude, it enjoys rich breezes coming from the sea.

1 bed | 2 people | On suite bathroom

Adaptable twin or king size beds

1 bed | 2 people | On suite bathroom

3 beds | 3 people | On suite bathroom

Adaptable twin or king size beds

Suite with sea view and everything desired for rest

Suite with sea view and a large wooden balcony

Comfortable 2 bedroom villa with sea view

3 bedroom villa with spectacular ocean views

Comfortable and spacious villa overlooking a small green valley

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Each of our accommodations is named after the trees or bushes that surround it. Acaya, Arraijan and El Cerezo have been built around the pool and share lovely views of the sea and mountains. El Almendro is located below the highest point of the hill and enjoys a greenish tonal view. The whole complex is like a refuge for beautiful birds.

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