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Greetings to all our guests, friends and family. Clave Verde Ecolodge has had some interesting moments as we plan events, workshops and other occasions that we want to share with you. This includes all of us, the guests (you), our friends, family, the community and the CV team to achieve the good things.

In June of this year the prestigious Atabey Innovation Center, in its 11th edition, awarded us in the category of Sustainable Tourism for our contribution to the environment and the community. A wonderful event full of music, dance and laughter, which saw us on stage with Noemí encouraging everyone to support all the local ecological projects and services. We are very proud of this.

Also in June, Clave Verde Ecolodge presented at a seminar on the relationship between biodiversity advocacy and doing business, organized by international activists. Jonathan’s brief intervention was very well received and ended up inviting participants to use their green service providers instead of just referring to them! The point is that there should be no contradiction between words and deeds. 

On a different note, we collaborate and organize workshops throughout the year focused on personal growth, culture and creativity. In July of this year we organized the workshop “Don’t be the victim” designed and directed by Jonathan for the self-defense of women. Currently for November 1st we have scheduled the workshop “Afro-Antillean Dance” in its social and cultural context with the inspiring dancer, choreographer, folklorist and Gloria de la Danza Nacional (2014) Marily Gallardo.  These and other ideas are being developed among them: permaculture, language and culture, theme nights in our bar / restaurant Yerba Buena … What would you like to see at Clave Verde Ecolodge? We are open to suggestions.

The common thread in all this is well-being, personal, social and planetary. And don’t forget the Key in our name: “It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have that swing” Duke Ellington. 

In other words, we want to make the world a better place and have fun doing it with you!

Through this blog, we will share monthly articles about sustainable tourism, activities and places to visit in the peninsula, health, wellness and more. So watch this space!

A big green hug

Jonathan, Noemí and the  Clave Verde team

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