Unforgettable excursions during 7 days

We recommend excursion providers who will guarantee a quality service, a fair price, as well as the safety of the hikers.

You find excursions of up to 7 days designed for small groups. On these excursions you will get to know Samaná! Some even include extra days in Santo Domingo to take a look at the city, complementing the experience of getting to know the natural charms of the Samaná peninsula up close.

Enjoy the Village of Las Terrenas

This town is home to more than 3,000 foreigners, Europeans, and North Americans and also people from other latitudes who live there all year round.

The Dominican culture, the local food, the rum, and the Dominican cigars are mixed with the international food, with a great gastronomic offer, good wine, international press offering, as a result of an intercultural coexistence with a bit of here, there and everywhere.

A fishing village that has been transformed into a cosmopolitan and multicultural town without losing its identity.

The Beaches: the Attraction of Samaná

The peninsula of Samaná has kilometers of clear sand beaches, surrounded by exuberant nature. The closest beach, heading west from Clave Verde is Calo Lima, 5 minutes by car; followed by Playa Portillo, Punta Popy, Las Terrenas, Las Ballenas, Playa Bonita and Cosón. Heading east from Clave Verde are El Limón, Morón, Lanza del Norte and Las Canas beaches.

If you have a great explorer spirit we invite you to know other beaches that are in a greater distance, but that you can go and return in one day, El Ermitaño beach (access by sea), El Valle Beach, Rincón beach, Las Galeras beach and Madama beach (access by sea); in Samaná is Cayo Levantao.

El Salto
del Limón

$15-$35 dollars. The price varies depending on what you choose, on foot, $15, on horseback or practicing Canyoning (canyoning) $25 with or without lunch.

Los Haítises + Cayo Levantao

$55-$70 dollars. The excursion is by boat leaving the Port of Samaná. The price varies according to your section of going to the island of Cayo Levantao and if you choose the excursion with or without lunch.

& Surfing

$13-$40 dollars. The community of San Lorenzo in Sánchez offers kayaking activity in the Caño San Gabriel. You can also do the excursion to Los Haitises in boats from Sánchez.


$55-$75 dollars. During the months of January-March. Seeing this marine giant a few meters away and listening to its history is an unforgettable experience. The excursions depart from the Port of Santa Bárbara de Samaná and their price may vary whether or not you take lunch, and also whether or not you want transportation to the Port.


$25-$70 dollars. Enjoy the trees and spectacular views from above, if you like excitement and heights ... then the Zipline is for you. The price varies according to the season and the age of the children. The price varies if you want the excursion with or without lunch.

and Snorkeling​

Various prices. Get into intimate contact with the sea, the colors, the fish and see all the wonders possible through diving and snorkeling.

Other Excursions

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