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Live the best experiencia in Samaná, Dominican Republic

One of the great riches of the Samaná Peninsula is its biodiversity, which is credited with having two natural parks, Salto del Limón and the Haítises National Park. Samaná Bay is the main area in the world for humpback whale watching. From Clave Verde you have easy access to all the natural attractions in the area.

From Clave Verde you have easy access to all the natural attractions in the area.

Practice Extreme sports in Samaná!

Get to know our adventure program!

Proposal for the most daring, climbing, hiking and excursions to unforgettable places in the peninsula of Samaná. Participants must be in good physical condition.

From Clave Verde you have easy access to all the natural attractions of the area, such as the Salto del Limón, the Parque de los Haitises, whale watching, zip line, kayak etc…

Amenities & Services

We have all kinds of amenities for you, such as pools, play area, reflection and meditation activities, spa and more.


Clave Verde’s pool is 14 meters long and is the perfect setting for training, fun or just relaxation. It is operated by solar energy and chlorinated with sea salt-producing high-quality water with very low environmental impact. For fun, we offer a games room with a pin pon table, table football and board games and an outdoor grass area with a volleyball net and space to kick a ball.



Because the fact that you’re on vacation doesn’t have to limit you to get that body you want so badly, our small gym is designed just for you, with the size and equipment needed to stay in shape even on vacation, including a heavy bag (sand bag) for hitting.


You can take advantage of your vacation to work with our resident expert, with a background in fitness and martial arts, on how to stay in good shape with limited time despite the advance of the years. Parking is available within the property.



The world is moving faster and faster and the everyday life is one of the most stressful things that can exist. So, how about you indulge yourself a little and enjoy our Spa, a space where worries have no place. You can book if you want personalized sessions of: Fitness Yoga Taichian Reflexology or Chi Gun  Thai Head or Relaxation Massage

Clave Dance

7-day program to learn how to dance Bachata, Merengue and Salsa, with explanations of the social and cultural context in which these rhythms were developed. The instruction will be given by a very experienced dancer-folklorist. The program is aimed at beginners and intermediate level. The content is combined with excursions in the colonial city and in the peninsula of Samaná.

Celebrate your party with us

We can host that special celebration or your wedding. We have the capacity to serve 40 seated guests, a full bar and a good selection of music.

On your preference we prepare the food, decoration, music and make reservations at additional hotels to accommodate your “Spiritual, Health and Wellness Retreats”. Clave Verde has a holistic philosophy, we believe that wellbeing is an ensemble that includes body and soul, the physical and the enjoyment, the being and the being. And in this dynamic we welcome in our space workshops of Yoga, Chi Gung, meditation, fitness, dance, teamwork retreats, with the purpose of facilitating and accompanying the growth and human development in its multiple facets.


Bar & restaurant

With local dishes of the
country & Samaná

Our dishes are inspired by the local gastronomy of Samaná and other areas of the Dominican Republic, with an international touch that complements our exquisite food based on fresh local products from the sea and the land. The palate is complemented by a fine selection of wines, cocktails and spirits.

Clave Snack
A selection of tasty foods and drinks to take with you on your day trip.


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