Living well or building the good life

Living well is a term that we use in Clave Verde to sum up a complex process of interacting concepts that, together, make up what we consider to be the good life.

This is a point of view that defines us in some way, but the approach can be used by anyone to make his or her own version of living well. (we will use “their” even in the singular from now on as it is gender neutral)

Let’s start by just putting down some of the terms and concepts that come to mind when thinking of living the good life. They do not necessarily appear in order of priority; the list is by no means exhaustive and it is a central part of the concept that it is fluid and interactive. That is to say that there is a complex dialectical process linking all the concepts so that they feed and influence each other.

Solidarity, personal growth, public space, the environment, compassion, enthusiasm, pleasure, fun, health, balance, justice, humour, exercise, good food and drink, meditation, creativity, communication, respect, diversity, peace, self defence, equality, sustainable development (sorry), commitment, discipline, freedom, resistance, hope, realism…….

These words do not come to us by accident or lightly. They come from our life experience and the choices and commitments we have made. Some will have been inferred already by the perceptive reader. We, the owners of Clave Verde, have been active in the struggle for social justice and against all forms of discrimination since our youth and we have a growing understanding of and commitment to the struggle against climate change and to protect our mother earth. We are a biracial family with an internationalist perspective

We are into health and fitness, but also drink beer and enjoy good wine. Jonathan is a martial artist who teaches women’s self defence and mediates and Noemi practices yoga and walks/hikes, We are open to alternative approaches to health, love music, especially those forms with their roots in Africa and its meeting with the West and like to dance, … this could go on, but enough for now.

There is already enough here for a superficial impression that there are some tensions or potential conflicts between some of these notions and practices, but our development of this will try to show how this is not so and that in fact these apparent opposites nourish each other. In fact, the diversity lies at the heart of the good life or living well as we practice it at Clave Verde

To be continued…

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