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Clave Verde is an ecolodge – boutique for those who enjoy the luxury of simplicity and nature, willing to let themselves be enveloped by its impressive sea and mountain views. It is a complex of 11 thousand square meters with a swimming pool, gymnasium, lounge and green areas for games and bar-restaurant. It is the ideal place for those who want distance from the intense activity of the village and at the same time want to take advantage of everything the coast has to offer.


Solar energy

We produce 70% of the energy we consume through solar panels. We desire to become completely autonomous. We use low energy bulbs. We ask our guests to check before they leave that everything is off. Helping us to reduce our environmental footprint!

Chlorinda swimming pool with salt

Our pool is based on a chlorination system that uses sea salt, which is transformed into sodium chloride, producing high-quality water that is not aggressive to humans or the environment. The system is operated with solar energy exclusively for the pool.

We compost

We classify the waste and our guests are an active part of that since they collaborate in this task by helping us to separate the garbage in the containers arranged for this purpose throughout the property.

We produce two types of compost, one derived from human consumption: vegetables, fruits, food; and the other of a vegetable nature resulting from the plants on the eleven thousand square meters of land where Clave Verde is located.

Clave Verde, a holistic project

Promotes the natural, social and personal environment

Armed with this vision, we have put each piece together step by step, at the pace that our savings allowed. We made this complex over the years, since 2003, traveling between Santo Domingo and Las Terrenas every weekend until we finally settled here. We have seen our dream grow along with our children. The kids learned to climb trees and know their fruits, to surf, to love the dogs that have accompanied us…

We started almost as entertainment, but we have been formally going into business since 2009. We plant trees but don’t cut them down, operate mainly on solar energy, chlorinate the pool with salt, recycle to make compost, use rainwater, manage waste biologically, buy services and goods locally and are part of the local community. We continue to build a sustainable approach.

We have named our style “Chic” Campesino. We build the rooms in stages, of rustic inspiration, Caribbean style, and very good taste according to what those who visit us say. We have used local and light materials, such as palm wood, which we obtained with the special permission granted by the Ministry of the Environment after the passage of Hurricane Jeanne in 2004, which felled thousands of trees on the peninsula, especially Palmas Reales. Our most recent piece is the restaurant-bar space, which by its location seems that you are eating in the treetops.

Our multiple idiosyncrasies

Our Key is the rhythm of Latin music and the Green ecology, so “in the green (swing) tempo”. We are ecologically committed, but we like to eat, drink, dance, talk and have fun.

We like tranquility and the pleasure of relaxation. For those who are enthusiastic about the physical effort, we have a large swimming pool, a gym, bars, strong slopes for walking/running. Jonathan can accompany you as a trainer with an original and holistic approach.

We are a bicultural and polyglot family. We defend natural biodiversity and respect human diversity.  Our vision of well-being has ecological, social and personal aspects

Contributing to the local economy

We use local materials and local labor in our construction and maintenance of infrastructure. We buy mainly locally to boost the economy and be part of the economic and social development of our community.


With time and to our joy, we have been recognized among the establishments that promote and carry out sustainable tourism in the country. First, we were recognized by the Dominican Treasure program (of the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium) and then by the Atabey Foundation with the Sustainable Tourism 2019 award. With the German GIZ, we are working on a biodiversity and business project and are in the process of obtaining Green Key certification.

Green Key proposes our guests to get to know and enjoy the natural, cultural and sports resources of the Samaná Peninsula with a low impact on the environment.

Join us for the unique experience of Clave Verde!  


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